The county government of kiambu has a big role to play in removing children from the streets and providing them with better places to live. The governor has said that they putting measures to ensure that children are taken to rehabilitation center to protect them from abuse and other immoralities. Speaking during a press briefing at the county headquarters the governor said they are working hand in hand with the national government to ensure that these street families are given better places to live and start their live.KIABU

Kiambu being a cosmopolitan county is believed to hold more than 5 million people where it has been reported that 2% of the population are living in poverty such that affording a meal a day is a quagmire. The best way the government can solve this is by ensuring that its population can get good shelter, education and all basic needs. Construction of children centers, rehabilitation center is one way to curb this. The government is also working with well-wishers and donors to establish more and more children’s home so as to curb the growing population in streets.





Helping the less fortunate in society and having an impact on another person life is the best thing you can do on your leisure. Our visit to ngoingwa children’s home was a nice experience and an exposure too. When you have plenty to eat just remember that another person is somewhere struggling with hunger and at least survive with the little they get.

photo by joseph
A section of children at ngoingwa children center.

Ngoingwa children’s home was started on the year 1999 at Thika by Missionary EATON with an aim of giving a home to those who are living in streets and the orphans.Eaton is a missionary from England who has been of great help to the children home and he always visits the children home and monitor its progress once in a while .At the center Children are given food and education and other basic needs such a shelter and pads for girls. Our visit was of great impact to this children’s since we were able to mingle with them and the management too. 

If you have one or two of your parent then you have the most precious gift in life, some of this children’s told us that they never had a chance to either see or talk to their parents. The children home hosts 30 girls. This center is a girl’s home only from the time it was established. According to the management it was clear that they started the home with an aim of rescuing the girl child from immorality that they tend to go through when in streets such as sexual harassment and molestation.

Our aim of the visit was to spend time with the children, show them love and encourage them not to give up in life. We cooked together, ate together and played games with them. The enjoyed and least got the love they had always hungered for. The big question is, what have you ever done to have a positive impact on another person’s life? If not then take a step of faith and do it now.if not now you might never get the chance again.

students from nibs technical college together with the family Ngoingwa children.



img_20171018_125340-1403575501.jpg  BY JOSEPH MAINA


Digital Mediums Offer an Easy Reach

With the rise in use of mobile products that connect to the web, people can get access to the matters that have the most meaning to them with just the click of a button. Digital media delivers news much faster than printed forms of communication. For instance, delivering breaking news is much easier to do on television or through the web than through a magazine

Current Trends

The Internet has turned into a modern-day genie-in-a-bottle, especially when it comes to using the largest search engines to quench your thirst for information.

Additionally, many schools are actually switching to the use of laptops and tablets, which could potentially completely replace the use of textbooks. Younger students won’t have to experience serious back issues from carrying their heavy books from one classroom to another.


However, print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. With generations who have grown loyal to the trusted paperback and hardcover books still around, there will always be a large number of people who would prefer to read their topics of interest on paper.

Print media offer credible news compared to the internet .social media provides stories which are full of rumors and gossips. Print media provides verified news items and thus trusted by many people.

Also print media has 1.superior formatting. Some people just prefer being able to crack open a new magazine or spread out a crisp fresh newspaper across the table to sliding their across a glass screen.

  1. freedom from destructions
  2. privacy protection and fewer email.
  3. comprehensive coverage.
  4. less expensive to replace
  5. permanency.


Football is the most interesting game in the world according to the research done in the past two year. what is more interesting is when one scores a goal. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro has been awarded as the best stricker in the world after he scored more than 600 goals in his team and country.

  • Unknown gas erupt in Kahuro village in Muranga county

Residents of kahuro village in Muranga County are living in fear after an unknown gas erupted from a borehole that was dug last year. According to the residents in the area said that they are living in fear since early this week the gas started burning. The government should hasten to ensure that they conduct a research to know if the gas has any economical use and if not it should cover the borehole to make the resident feel at ease .Emma wangechi yesterday said that they saw presence of fire and this made them feel uncertain and thus they are calling for the government to respond to their cry as quick as possible. Yesterday the government sent some researchers to visit the site and gave them assurance that they will check if the gas is of any use.
The big question is, why is the government taking too long before identifying this gas which can be a great threat to health of people in the area? Pregnant women are living in fear since they don’t know if this gas could cause complications which could affect their unborn .since last year what has the government been doing?………it’s unfortunate that the small things we assume end up causing lots of destruction. We are asking the government to respond to this issue as quick as possible and stop making promises that are never fulfilled. Talking to the residents they expressed their dissatisfaction with the pace at which the government is doing
A chimney that has been put on the borehole to control the gas coming out of it.
Who should respond to the cry of citizens? That is the big question that the residents are asking themselves. The government has to proof to the citizen that it’s ready to address its problems otherwise it will lose its meaning. What is encouraging is that some leader from the area have said that they will push the government and ensure that the gas is identified before mid this year.